What are the impacts observed in Guyana?

Climate change is a serious threat especially to the developing world, such as Guyana. It has become a major obstacle in many dimensions of poverty alleviation efforts.

Many of the developing countries are heavily dependent on a nature-based economy, such as agriculture, being the most climate-sensitive of all economic sectors.

Their low incomes and vulnerabilities make adaptation to climate change particularly difficult.

Who is responsible for this phenomenon?

Changes in our climate can be attributed to a great extent to greenhouse gases emitted by humans’ activities.

For more than 1.5 centuries we have been changing the balance of our planet. We live and consume beyond our means. To make this possible, more and more greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere as a result of activities such as the combustion of large quantities of fossil fuels and the clearing of large areas of forest.

Yes, cutting down the forest is one of the major drivers of climate change. It will be a growing concern, because, in order to keep up with the needs of the growing world population, the use of land will expand further, and thus putting pressure on forests.

Forest conversion to other land uses is responsible for around 20% of net global carbon emissions.

And in order to prevent the catastrophic impacts of climate change, urgent actions must be taken in reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

And solving the problem of deforestation is a prerequisite for any effective response to climate change.


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